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Monday, July 22, 2019

VOG Game Night

The VOG Social Committee plans to host three game nights in the coming months as a new way for our Village Community to gather and become better acquainted.

If you are able to join us for the first game night, please come to the club house on Monday, July 22 at 7:00 p.m. This particular evening will be a card game night. On subsequent game nights we will focus on board games (Monday, August 26) and on dice and dominoes games (Monday, October 7). If you are able to come, please bring a small snack to share. We also welcome having you suggest your favorite card game even if we need to learn how to play it. We will divide up into several tables, so games for 4 to 6 players are especially appropriate.

We also want to remind you that we are planning our holiday social for Thursday evening, November 21, 2019 at the Day Barn located between the Draper City Public Library and Draper Park. We thank LaRayne Day for helping us make this arrangement. Please save that date.dd Event Details here

May 13 through May 15th

Annual Spring Clean Up

The dumpster will be located in the clubhouse parking lot and may be used by VOG Residents for yard debris (tree limbs, shrubbery, grass clippings, etc.) as well as household items, some appliances, furniture, etc.

Items not acceptable are toxic, hazardous or flammable materials such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents, chemicals, paints, motor oil, gasoline, etc. Also tires, batteries, freezers and refrigerators are not allowed.

Please load items into the very back of the dumpster first. DUmpster cannot be overloaded and has a weight limit of 10 tons.

Any questions, please contact Bill Aldrich or Francine Sauls.


Clubhouse and Pool Key Cards

Clubhouse keys will not work after May 13th.  Starting on May 11th, volunteers will be delivering, at no charge to each residence, one key card similar to cards used to access hotel rooms. Replacement charges for lost cards will be $50 (first replacement) and $100 (second replacement).  These key cards will open the clubhouse front door, clubhouse door to the pool, and the outside gate to the pool. You will need to sign for the key cards. After May 16th, key cards not distributed will be returned to Roger Robinson (1584 East Rolling Green Drive, 801-633-5882).  Please contact him to get your new key card.


Clubhouse Usage

 Just a reminder that usage includes the use of the entire parking lot and the Clubhouse for the entire day.

Just a Doggone Reminder


If you are a dog owner, please remember to keep your dog on a leash as you walk around VOG, and keep a "doggy bag" handy for needed clean-ups.  Dog owners love their pets, and homeowners love their lawns.  Our leash and clean-up requirements are not unique, but simply the same as Draper City and most other towns in America.

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